What people are saying...

ECE Trauma Advocate Certification

Dorcus, TX

"I was so excited to be there, and Emily did a fantastic job!! Thank you for giving our people the very best!!! You have always been a true delight!!!"

Rachel, TX

“Melissa is an outstanding presenter. Her demeanor is welcoming, and she presents the content in an engaging and interactive manner. I highly recommend attending Melissa’s sessions.”

ECE Trauma Advocate Certification Course

Elisa, TX

"The 'At The Heart Teaching & Learning' sessions are always engaging and educational. I always learn new information and strategies to share with the families I work with."

Casey, LA

“We have been extremely pleased with the help from Melissa and the At The Heart ladies! The program is easy and paced perfectly to get it done in a timely manner. We appreciate all the help we have received so far and will continue to use their program!”

Parent & Family Engagement Conference

Samantha, LA

“The At The Heart program has been a huge help throughout the process of earning my CDA. They have always been there to help me every step of the way. "They also were very quick to respond to emails with any questions I had about anything. I previously started the process for my CDA and used my scholarship through Pathways but At The Heart was very generous and awarded me a scholarship through their program. This allowed me to be able to move along the process. I have been familiar with the CLASS but they helped me learn more in-depth about it and the different sections of it. They helped break it down thoroughly for all parts.”

Michelle, LA

“We had lots of positive feedback and recommended you all to another area yesterday.”

NHSA Conference

"I loved the skills and tips shared. I appreciated how the parents and organization members talked about how the skills supported the program and themselves."

NHSA Conference

nhsa conference

"I really liked the information on leadership & how to form connections."

Leah, TX

"Thank you for keeping in touch and checking on us."

Stacey L.

Great Seminar! Learned so much from this Virtual Winter Summit! Outstanding teachers and very useful information that I was able to bring back and incorporate into my learning center. Definitely recommend this seminar to anyone who works with children.